Signs of mystic capabilities can be very apparent like dreaming of an event in clear detail that later occurs precisely as you dreamed it or they can be as sophisticated as an easy gut hunch. Even when you're not consciously practicing and developing your mystic capabilities you can experience random moments of spontaneous mystic lucidity and discernment. It's unimportant if you have a belief in the chance of mystic capabilities or not. We're all born with a higher awareness and experience it on at least a subconscious level daily. You can simply come to recognise signs of mystic capability. A mystic who has this ability would be well placed to see events during the past, present and future.

Clairsentience / Empathy – The power to feel how others feel and to feel the feelings of folks, spirits, animals and others. Clairsentience – The facility to hear things. An individual who has clairaudience may hear voices and thoughts from folk, spirits and others. I didn't have a key, I knocked on the window, the light was on, somebody was home and screamed at them to come open the door. In the time I Had knocked on the window, the figure that was following me had come right up to me and attacked me. I actually could not believe it. Not only did he attack me, but directly in front of my home, with folk within, he attacked me.

I was so irritated, I was irritated for being attacked, but I was more angrier with myself for permitting it to occur. It took me years to ultimately understand that what I knew about folk, infrequently on first meeting them, people failed to know. It also took years of folks convincing me I Had a present, a capability that wanted to be explored. Something that folks wanted me to share with them, actually sought me out to share with them, something that I used to be a little more than nervous to do, because I did not understand it, nor did I think it was ‘special’ in any fashion. And in all truth, it has been an awfully rough ride each since. Or, like me… I have had readings with people where I connected so very with their lives and their departed family that even I was astounded and shocked at how exact the data was, and how correct the future forecasts turned out to be. But you have got to try hard for each gain you get! Let us take a more in-depth look : 1- Remote Viewing : The facility to see and describe things at a distance with phenomenal precision. The US military and CIA both have proven that standard folks can do Remarkable things with remote viewing and a tiny bit of practice… And I'm able to tell you from direct experience, it is a mad cool experience to have. Everybody can discover the best way to pick up power from objects, and translate events ( and feelings ) round the folk those objects have been occupied by.

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