Your Sun sign is CARDINAL and this suggests that you were born to steer. Cancer You were born under the sign of Cancer and your controlling planet is the Moon, which will give you a great instinct of protection for your kind with great sensitiveness. Cancer is a WATER sign, which makes you receptive and intense. You'll feel comfy working independently or occupying a position of leadership. Aquarius Those born Jan 20 th – Feb eighteenth are Aquarius. Uranus rules this sign and it's represented by the water=bearer. The Aquarius is frank, independent, intellectual, and fascinating.

And in some other cases other kundli charts can neutralize the consequences of manglik so it works OK. Most Aquarius love to be alone yet they're fun to be around. The problem of Kundli matching is naturally interpretation – the reading of the chart to think up forecasts about the individual and compatibility of them in wedlock with others. The Sun would represent the life-giving force, the leader, the king, the daddy figure to the Moon’s queen, the matriarch, Venus may be regarded as the bringer of the light or the supporter of that light. Online matrimonial sites are now providing free kundli charts and even perform automated kundli matching and match-making! These features and advances just highlight the powerful principles and trust placed on kundli and vedic astrology in Indian culture! As noted Venus might lead the Sun over the horizon or follow that setting Sun under the horizon. The old word for the light bringer was Lucifer who's now considered to be the demon. There's now a bunch of well educated, pro astrologers researching the old records and charts trying to find buried treasure, looking for to grasp the original ideas which have been passed down through the ages.

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