Mystics have always played vital roles and they have existed for generations. They have served as counsellors to so many sorts of folk from all areas of life. What makes them standout is the capability that they need to understand concealed things – something which can't be done with the utilization of the physical senses. In my work as a mystic reader I've been told of folks becoming disgruntled with ‘bad’ mystics. There are many sorts of mystic capabilities. Then there are more mystic readers and folks generally who are mystic who are ego driven, stern and have only a glance of the larger picture.

There's a fair presumption the folks in this kind of work ( mystic readers ) have to be and are merciful, truthful and caring, but truthfully, some ( maybe most ) mystics are grounded, merciful, good natured and have a dream of the larger picture in life. Being mystic only makes you ‘psychic’, it doesn't make you a more rounded person. That's something that comes out of a different place. The etheric, or spirit body isn't restrained by space and time and the physical restrictions of your blood and bones… Everybody reading this has a physical body, and an etheric body too. And when ‘free’, can literally span and travel at the rate of thought in techniques you have got to experience first hand to believe. While a good mystic or medium can expedite the method ( or teach you what you must know ) each person CAN, with practice… Everyone's mediums. It's been proved to me time and again.

Because accept it or not I am really a skeptic deep down inside about most things unsubstantial. And we've got to notice that they just might base their life choices on what we are saying, and that definitely can become overpowering on occasion. Know too that being a mystic can become a very big burden for mystics to carry, because you cannot just have an opinion or express a likely end result like everybody else does…people ‘expect’ you to understand. We're all born with a higher awareness and experience it on at least a subconscious level daily. But after fifty years of being Mystic I have ultimately learned that folks will do what folks will do. Through the activity of recognizing how and when they happen you can more instantly reproduce the conditions obligatory for repeating them more often in days to come. But how can we recognise whether an event is mystic or not? Signs of mystic capabilities can be intensely apparent like having dreams about an event in clear detail that later occurs precisely as you dreamed it ( precognition ) or they can be as refined as an easy gut hunch ( intuition ).

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