Cancer You were born under the sign of Cancer and your governing planet is the Moon, which will give you a great instinct of protection for your kind with great sensitiveness. You'll never feel very satisfied in a junior position by the ideas of others unless they are a part of your desires. Your Sun sign is CARDINAL and this suggests that you were born to guide. You may feel at ease working independently or occupying a position of leadership. The successfulness of your projects depends just about exclusively on your mental state. As noted Venus might lead the Sun over the horizon or follow that setting Sun under the horizon. The old word for the light bringer was Lucifer who's now considered to be the demon. The Sun would represent the life-giving force, the leader, the king, the daddy figure to the Moon’s queen, the matriarch, Venus may be thought of as the bringer of the light or the fan of that light. There's now a bunch of well educated, pro astrologers researching the old records and charts trying to find buried treasure, looking for to comprehend the original ideas that've been passed down through the ages. Most Aquarius enjoy being alone yet they're fun to be around. Pisces Those born Feb 19th – March 19th are Pisces. Neptune represents this sing and the fish represents it.

The issues in the accomplishment of these focuses and drives are seen in the assorted disorders and states of ill-condition of the planets in an individual's chart. Pisces are loving, merciful, dreamy, and delicate as well as shy and unreal. Issues become development possibilities for the individual, as one says, ‘character building.’ When these basic character / personality factors are considered with a total glance at the horoscope of a person a sense of the destiny of the individual can be brought out. You will have also heard the phrase ‘character is destiny’, I'd like to add you're what you do. The milkman delivers milk, the blacksmith hammers out metal into handy implements, their actions are an expression of what they are.

Being based mostly on Mars, the planet of fire and heat, it is maintained that manglik folks could cause plenty of stress, rage, discussion, and violence basically. Beating problems, as demonstrated in your destiny astrology, becomes the way of determining the life-areas that you're going to be focusing on. A celeb example of kundli matching and belief is the wedding of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. It was determined that Aishwarya was manglik and for that reason their kundli charts didn't fit well. However to satisfy both their love and the jyoshi’s ( astrologers ) a wedding rite was performed between Aishwarya and a tree.

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