During my life, I have met many individuals who actually need to know if mystics are in reality. They need a truthful answer, customarily because they have got a truthful problem. I have come to a decision to share with you what I are the unmitigated truth about this subject. Then there are more mystic readers and folk generally who are mystic who are ego driven, unforgiving and have only a glance of the larger picture. And that, without a possibility of doubt, is the profound truth.

Being mystic only makes you ‘psychic’, it doesn't make you a more rounded person. That's something that comes out of a different place. It is definitely simple to distinguish one set of folk from the other and naturally being ego driven, or unforgiving doesn't make any person a horrid person, it just means there are particular road blocks on their trail that must be exposed and released. So does becoming mystic mean you are heading for a job as a mystic reader? Being mystic suggests that you opt to live your life in alignment with source, in alignment with the universe, in alignment in The Lord God. The US armed forces and CIA both have proven that normal folk can do Incredible things with remote viewing and a sprinkle of practice… Everybody can discover how to pick up power from objects, and translate events ( and feelings ) round the folks those objects have been occupied by. And I will tell you from direct experience, it is a funny cool experience to have. The etheric, or spirit body isn't restrained by space-time and the physical restraints of your blood and bones… Mediumship – The facility to connect to spirits, especially people who have already died. Retrocognition – The power to see events that have occurred in the distant past.

Psychometry – The facility to sense something by means touching a physical object. The colour the aura has represents meanings the mystic can translate to figure out what's happening. We're all born with a higher awareness and experience it on at least a subconscious level daily. You can simply come to recognise indications of mystic capability. Indicators of mystic capabilities can be very apparent like dreaming of an event in clear detail that later occurs precisely as you dreamed it ( precognition ) or they can be as sophisticated as a straightforward gut hunch ( intuition ). Through the process of recognizing how and when they happen you can more quickly reproduce the conditions mandatory for repeating them more often in times to come.